I first took a pottery class while in college as a graphic design major. I loved it and knew I'd want to do it again sometime after college. I just didn't realize it would be 20 years later! I started up again in about 2009? maybe? And I've been fiddling with clay ever since.

I'm not a production potter. The thought of making the same identical piece 25 times sounds tedious to me. I like to experiment with all different types of projects, whether hand built or thrown on the wheel and I work in white stoneware and porcelain. I do tend to work intricately and I take a lot of inspiration from nature and things around me. I have a stack of little pieces of paper with ideas sketched on them. I'm just looking for the time to actually make them! There is something peaceful about working with clay and a sense of accomplishment when a piece is finished, though any potter will tell you, glazing is a crap shoot - you never know what will happen inside the kiln.

I live in Boston's MetroWest area with my husband, who was nice enough to come up with the program for this site, and my high school aged daughter and son. I also have a small personal training business I run out of my home. If you are interested in that, please see my site: Train With Kim

Take a look at my portfolio page to view pieces I have that are not for sale. I have some other things I'd like to post, but I'd hate to ruin Christmas gifts a few people might be receiving in a couple of weeks 😀

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